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Writing for the 
Inspirational Market

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Finally—a Detailed Roadmap for Writing a Book that
Spreads a Powerful Message (Without Seeming Preachy)

If you’re passionate about impacting others with your writing but don’t know where to start, this course is for you.

Jerry will share the proven plan for inspirational writing he learned by trial and error. These lessons will keep you from having to make the same mistakes he did—which can cut your learning curve by years.

People are constantly looking for inspiration and answers to their problems. More than ever, we search for hope on the Internet and in books and magazines.

There’s a huge opportunity here for you as an inspirational writer. Whether you’re writing a novel, a short story, a devotional, an article, or a blog—there’s never been a better time for you to reach a wide audience with your message.

But this market must be approached with care. Readers (and editors) expect you to know and fully understand them. 

And that’s why Jerry put together Writing for the Inspirational Market

This course will teach you what it takes to reach your reader. You'll learn the skills and gain the knowledge to write a book that could inspire thousands—if not millions.

Jerry will cover:


How to Start Your Writing Process
Determine the Best Foundation for Your Writing Project and How to Build It Effectively

  • Six common excuses for NOT writing, and how to overcome them
  • How to sift through all your ideas to find the best one (as well as six often-overlooked brainstorming sources to jumpstart your thinking process)
  • How to tell which stories will really inspire your audience (You don't want to get this wrong!)
  • Five places to look for inspirational content, and the questions to ask before you even THINK about adding it to your story
  • And plenty more...

The Power-Tools of Effective Storytelling
How to Best Engross Your Reader

  • The surprising recipe for believable, memorable characters (By the end, your reader will feel like they’re friends!)
  • Understanding the emotional risk required of you to move your reader and set your writing apart
  • The simple 3-step process for finding your writing voice (This is MUCH easier than most people think.)
  • How to reach mainstream markets with inspirational stories.
  • And plenty more...

The Elements of Inspirational Writing
Learn to Ignite Change in a Reader’s Life through Devotionals

  • Five characteristics of successful Christian writing
  • The art of writing devotionals (and a detailed guide  to selling them)
  • 10 amazing websites and blogs where you can find instant examples of in-demand devotionals.
  • And plenty more...

Mastering the Inspirational Market
How to Get Your Writing into Your Readers’ Hands

  • Where to confidently pitch your work, and nine guidelines to help you sift through the overwhelming amount of possibilities
  • Six characteristics of an irresistible query letter (Don’t even think of pitching an editor without nailing these)
  • Publishing 101: the CliffsNotes-style guide to planning the future of your book, with a complete list of your options
  • Where to find a trustworthy agent
  • And plenty more...

Building Your Online Platform
How to Turn the Internet into your #1 book salesman

  • The essential guide to creating your social media presence from scratch.
  • Eight unbreakable rules for making an impact online (each is necessary for maximum platform growth)
  • Blogging 101: a detailed guide to starting and growing your own.
  • Jerry’s top 15 tips for building a strong tribe that will eventually become your personal group of superfans
  • 6 blogging masters who can give you the best FREE platform-building information on the internet (and how to glean from their amazing skills)
  • And plenty more...


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